Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Choosing the Right Bar Mitzvah DJ Company

Selecting the right DJ Entertainment for your bar mitzvah is a serious part of the party planning task. Ask any parent who has had a Bar Mitzvah and they will tell you that the Entertainment plays a critical part in the success of the party. After choosing your bar mitzvah location, the next vendor that should be hired is the bar mitzvah entertainment company or bar mitzvah DJ. 

Keeping a crowd of 13 year olds, 30 somethings, and older adults happy, entertained, and on the dance floor, demands a certain level of expertise. If all of these groups liked the same music bar mitzvah entertainment would be a no-brainer, but as you know, this is not the case. So, keep this in mind when choosing to hire a bar mitzvah DJ. Make sure the bar mitzvah DJ has experience in these kinds of events. A bar mitzvah DJ is different than a club DJ!

Different age groups like different music - fact, but there are interactive and fun dances that both can enjoy at the same time. This is where your MC (master of ceremonies) comes in. An experienced Bar Mitzvah MC can have a crowd of adults and kids out on the floor together having a blast.

Aside from handling the candle lighting ceremony, the grand entrance, and various introductions, your Bar Mitzvah MC is the chief motivator and leader of your bar mitzvah. It's important to have an experienced bar mitzvah MC on the dance floor with a microphone to lead your guests through interactive dances and games. Your Son or Daughter is the star of the show and the MC's job is be right there making sure everyone is having fun while paying the right amount of recognition to the guest of honor at whatever level the Bar or Bat Mitzvah feels comfortable. This should be discussed in detail during the planning process, so your child is neither neglected or embarrassed by the bar mitzvah DJ or MC.

All Bar Mitzvah DJs and MCs are different, so make sure spend enough time with any potential bar mitzvah entertainment company you are considering to see if they match your personalities. This will be very important when your bar mitzvah date arrives, and you'll have to count on him or her to ensure the success of your bar mitzvah.

Make sure the bar mitzvah DJ company you are thinking about hiring has a special MC for bar mitzvahs. Bar Mitzvahs are different from wedding in that it takes a little more skill to handle a large group of 12 and 13 year olds than it does to entertain a group of 30 somethings. There is a lot for the MC to keep track of to make sure things run smoothly (making sure the photographer and videographer are ready before an important moment, shutting down any side entertainment before a candle lighting, being by your son or daughter's side during the candle lighting to name a few). It's a good idea to let the Bar Mitzvah DJ play the CDs, and allow the bar mitzvah MC the freedom to run the party.

Some bar mitzvah DJ companies also bring motivational dancers that can help get the kids and adults on the dance floor. This is very popular. They are available through most DJ companies who specialize in Bar Mitzvahs. The dancers are young and energetic, and they work right along side the bar mitzvah DJ and MC. They help fill the dance floor and lead the interactive dances.

Many DJ companies will supply colorful lighting, dance stages, and special effects like dry ice machines and strobe lights. They can completely transform a stale dining room into a rocking night club.

What's the best way to get a feel for a bar mitzvah DJs style? Ask the entertainment company to send you their demo DVD. Most good Bar Mitzvah Entertainment companies will have video footage of their entertainers working bar mitzvahs and weddings. After watching the bar mitzvah DJs demo dvd you can make a sound decision about whether you think they are a perfect fit for your child's bar or bat mitzvah.

Start this process right away, because it is common for some of the more popular companies to book 2 years in advance. When you have narrowed your search to about 4 companies, call them up and make appointments to meet in person. Best of Luck!

SoFlo Party Pros has extensive experience in Bar and Bat Mitzvah entertainment services and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can become your Bar Mitzvah DJ of choice.  Please call our office today to set up a complimentary consultation: (888) 779-1221


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